Dealing with monthly bills is stressful and time consuming. Most customers either don’t understand their bills or are constantly overpaying, while many never look forward to picking up the phone and attempt to address an issue. Between overseas offices, hold times and hang-ups, less than half who try to lower their bills on existing services succeed.

This service was excellent! Rick reviewed several of our overhead expense accounts and negotiated directly with those vendors. This resulted in a savings over $300 a month.

Tonya B.



Our goal is much more than just obtaining a cheaper bill. It’s about making sure every customer enjoys their service, has an affordable plan, and ultimately can rely on our service to keep it that way.



We know the value of time

No more hold time, hang-ups, or spending hours on the phone with customer service


A simple process

We make sure that confusing bundles, hidden charges, and misleading promises are no longer your problem

No Savings, No Cost

If no savings are found, our time and efforts to do so cost you nothing

He handled all negotiations with AT&T and managed to lower our bill about $100.00 a month. We have the same level of services on our internet, TV and cell phones, but at the much lower price. It was a pleasure to work with such a competent professional.

Penny B.


We work with a number of diverse companies and services. From cell phone, cable, alarm systems, storage units, to many more. At the end of the day, a bill is a bill. If you have a provider that is not on our list, we will still be happy to look into it.


First Step

It all starts with uploading or emailing us a bill. We’ll reach out to you and together find a solution that works best

Our Process

We contact your provider to negotiate a better rate. Regardless of waiting on hold or being transferred around, we dedicate ourselves to find you a better plan

A Cheaper Bill

We walk you through, step-by-step, to explain the cheaper plan and what to expect on your first bill. Once you’ve received your renegotiated bill, we earn a percentage of the first-year savings

Very good service and follow up. We’ll save $7,626 a year, thanks to the service Premier provided to us. I highly recommend them.

Mark D.

Crunch Fitness


Premier Concierge Solutions was started on the premise of individuals and businesses overpaying for their monthly bills. After working at a big cell phone and cable provider for a few years, I noticed a trend of similar issues: Who is helping these people lower their monthly bills? Why do they have to spend hours on the phone to resolve an issue? I saw that customers were put through a tedious and stressful process, creating a well-known fact that these monthly bills were expensive and complicated. Thus, we decided to create a service that makes things simple and affordable.

Premier Concierge Solutions

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